Procedure Towels


The Best Procedure Towels For Scalp Micropigmentation!

Use as a replacement for paper towels or gauze.

Compressed, nonwoven natural fiber sheets that do not pill or rip.
Significantly softer on the client’s skin.

More durable than paper towels; requiring an estimated two

Individually wrapped towels are cleaner and safer.

Paper towels are industrial products. Paper towels are also hygroscopic – meaning as they absorb moisture, bacteria, mold or other material that is present in the local airspace.

DermaGear™ Procedure Towels are individually wrapped and compressed for safety and cleanliness.
Does not leave fiber residue on the scalp that can clog tubes.

Our compressed fiber, unlike paper towels, do not pill or rip. Our fibers are smoother than cotton and paper pulp towels.
Lower friction when wiping reduces redness and irritation.

15 Estimated (SMP) procedures per box


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