Needle Rinse


The Best Needle Rinse For Scalp Micropigmentation!

Stops dandruff, body oils and dirt from clogging needles. Skin cells and blood lipids can build up in tubes and dull needles, reducing performance.

DermaGear™ Needle Rinse contains a surfactant that emulsifies the cells and blood lipids, loosening them, allowing ink flow through the tube and needle. Thoroughly cleans tubes between shade and color changes.

DermaGear™ Needle Rinse has a slight negative charge.

This slight negative charge gives the liquid a more gel-like structure.

When placed in the tube, it acts as an agitator, freeing residual pigment particles leaving the tube and needles clear.

Tubes do not dry between cartridge changes.

Keeps needles sharp and performing consistently longer.

 15 Estimated (SMP) procedures per unit


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